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Angela Dean, Dreamtime Travel

WoofSMS exceeded my communication and marketing expectations of adding extra personal touches to my clients’ database.   Anne-Louise was genuinely interested in my home-based travel business Dreamtime Travel and wanted to get involved with helping me get the best out of it. 


Our first meeting and training session was enjoyable, inspiring and provided valuable tips & benefits to maximise my goal of adding that extra personal touch to my clients’ needs and wants.  I am very busy with my business and I have effortlessly added this tool into my daily schedule. Effortlessly! 


I have no hesitation recommending Anne-Louise’s services to anyone who is looking for that extra added value for their business to deliver effectively to their clients. 

Anne-Louise’s focus and commitment to supporting my business (and budget!) and understanding my customers’ needs, makes her a breath of fresh air.

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Melissa Bradbury, Eagle Eye Photography

I signed up with WoofSMS to make contact with my old client database after a 9-month business restraint of trade. 


I sent 75 messages out at a cost of $23.70, and got 19 replies on the day, sounds small right?  Wrong - within that first week, I had had 4 phone calls, 3 jobs and 1 quote with a total return on investment

of 3,150%! 


YES that number is correct!!!  3,150% - WOW   I’ve been blown away and my new business is booming!!

Shari & Greg, Monarch Prestige Cleaning

We have been using WoofSMS since January 2016, and have found it easy & economical to use.  We sent out 560 messages for spring, which cost $112.00 and generated $1,941.05 worth of work – a great return on our investment!


We have also used the system to send reminders, and one of our clients was so pleased she has asked to speak with the guys at woofsms about using the service for her own art business.

We highly recommend both the system and the team there.

Gavin & Annette Beech, Poolside Cairns

"We had experienced difficulties with another SMS service provider and were very disappointed with their response – basically they told us to go away!


From the outset, Anne-Louise assured us that she and her team would look after us, no matter how big or small our business was. We have not been disappointed.

Text messaging is a key component in our customer service delivery, and WoofSMS has proven quick and easy to use, reliable, and our customers love it. We would not hesitate to recommend that you contact Anne-Louise, and give text messaging a try!"

Graeme Vimpani, Owner & Director, AlphaLoan Mortgage Group

“We did a lot of searching for an SMS provider and to be honest – nothing came close to Woof SMS.  They were very helpful in setting it all up… coaching us in how to use the system effectively… and flexible to tailor the software to our requirements.  Nothing was too hard or difficult – the customer service was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering an online SMS platform”

Barry Devlin, CEO & Co-Founder, Wedding Cloud

"...Glad that the system really is as easy to use as we'd been led to believe!"

Rae Fallows, Garage Door Industries

"We have used Almani's texting service for some time now and find it invaluable for quick contact with our service people on site and contact with our door installers/managers all staff that are mobile – so much quicker than trying to ring and get message bank then them having to ring back etc.


Such a time saver and the answer comes straight back to your computer. I have suggested Almani texting service to everyone I know.Thanks Almani."

Kate Rixon, Office Manager Amplify Hearing & Diagnostics

" Amplify Hearing & Diagnostics is a busy, independent Hearing Aid and Audiology Clinic. We recently added SMS to our system and have been really pleased with the results. Our staff used to ring every client to confirm appointments, which was time consuming and not always effective.


Now our clients are told they will receive an SMS to confirm their appointment and the rate of missed appointments has dropped. Clients are really appreciative of the service and reminder.

The staff at Almani have been easy to deal with and even organise our recharges for us! We are really pleased with the results and glad we decided to add this service.

Martine Balit, Alumni Relations Officer, Macquarie University

“...It is very simple, fast and cheap. The features of this product are exactly what users want. Managing replies from our Alumni are easy to track and efficient.


Not only is this product great, but the customer service team is outstanding and is what makes the product worthwhile.” 

Janine Wallis, Menai District Physiotherapy

“SMS is a time-saving and cost-effective service which is a true asset to our physiotherapy practice. We confirm all appointments in a matter of seconds – a job that used to take us hours. Our patients regularly acknowledge the service as it provides not only a reminder of their appointment but a reference point for them to check their time, when needed.

As a busy practice, we are constantly using the service to communicate with our staff and consultants. It is less obtrusive than a phone call and more immediate than email.  I recommend SMS to any business which values efficiency and friendly technology.”

Riwhi Puru, Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports

"WoofSMS has been a big part of my business.  

I use it to help team captains know who did not sign in for the night, and this helps me recover payments for the game.

It is very simple and easy to use with a dummy-proof platform."

Julie Walker, Owner myWheels Driving School, Queensland

"I have found SMS to be a very useful business tool.  My favourite feature is the ability to use my computer keyboard rather than my mobile phone – much faster and easier.  Also, the fact that the software is free to download and text messages are much cheaper than my phone carrier is an added bonus.

Text messages are the main method of contact with our driver trainers, as it is not possible for them to take phone calls during lessons.  It is very efficient, as the message is waiting for them when they finish the lesson.  Also, the majority of our customers are teenagers, so texting is their preferred method of contact for lesson reminders.  Emails almost never get opened, but every teenager has their phone by their side 24/7"

Craig & Rachael Churchill, Franchise Owners, Black & White Home Services, Queensland

"We had been opting to email special offers out to our database.


In February 2012 we undertook a split test on 100 clients who had provided both email and mobile contact information. We chose clients who had already received an offer by email, but who hadn’t responded.


The text message took just minutes to design, and seconds to send, and within 24 hours we had secured two jobs valued at around $200. Within a week we had secured over $1,500 of additional work for a tiny $10 investment!

Some clients just took advantage of the special offer; some took the offer and booked additional work, and still others were reminded that there were quite different services they required, and booked completely different jobs.


We are delighted with the options provided by SMS ToolKit and would recommend it not only for marketing to your current and lapsed customers, but also for administrative work like overdue account reminders and staff communications.”

Hilary McMillan, All Podiatry & the ShoeCo

"... We held a massive EOFYS for our footwear. Using the SMS program we sent out 7152 text essages to our client database.

We were overwhelmed with the response from our current and past patients. We had people coming in that hadn't been to us for some time, but returned due to receiving the SMS.

Overall we increased our footwear sales by about 30% for that month…."

Amy, Gladstone Gymnastics Club


We’ve been using SMS for just a few months. It’s a great option for contacting both individuals and groups, and so much more convenient when you need to get hold of people in a hurry because it’s faster than email. Shortly we’ll be using it to chase outstanding fees, so it’s a hit with the committee."

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