Personalised Individual & Bulk 2-Way Text Messaging

Effective Team and Group Communication: Team Echo

Team Echo provides highly effective, secure communication with your Teams and Groups

With Team Echo, you provide Administrator Access for those who are allowed to view and update your data, and Limited Access for those who are allowed to communicate with your people through the system, but not access the data.


Not only does this represent security for your organisation, it provides the ability for one text message to be sent into the system from anywhere, and for that text to be automatically forwarded to all members of the designated group.

Business Scenario:  Visiting Presenter Jane Doe has been provided with limited access for the day prior to and day of the conference to those attending her sessions. She does not have access to any mobile numbers.

The day prior to her session, Jane Doe texts into Team Echo with the code assigned to her morning attendees JDAM reminding them to bring her recently released paper.

Team Echo identifies Jane, and by the code at the beginning of the text, identifies the relevant groups, and automatically forwards Jane's text.

All of the attendees of Jane's morning session receive her message, and all arrive fully prepared for the session.

Club Scenario:  Coach Smith has limited access with permission to contact the Under 12 Soccer Team and their parents only by texting into Team Echo.  He does not have access to their contact information.

Coach smith texts into Team Echo a change to start time using the codes U16S and PU16S at the beginning of his message.

Team Echo identifies the sender, and by the code at the beginning of the text, identifies which teams and groups to automatically forward the message to.

All Under 16 Soccer Team members receive the text.

All Under 16 Soccer Parents receive the text.

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