Fast, Effective connection

with your Alumni

for the same cost -

no matter where they are!

With WoofSMS's User-Friendly SMS software, it's quick and easy to:

  • Schedule Automated SMS Reminders & Notifications - send messages immediately, or schedule for later automated delivery

  • Create & Track Alumni Engagement Campaigns - keep your Alumni engaged with events, happenings and information - include a live link to enhance their experience

  • Include Live Links - if your Alumni are attending events on overseas campuses, include a direct link to map of the campus or area

  • Make it simple for your Alumni to register - use an automated text-in number on your website, Facebook page, and advertising making it quick and easy for your Alumni to let you know they want to receive information

  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win - partner with local business or organisations for mutually beneficial results

  • Automate regular repeated messages eg registrations, payments


“...It is very simple, fast and cheap. The features of this product are exactly what users want. Managing replies from our Alumni are easy to track and efficient.


Not only is this product great, but the customer service team is outstanding and is what makes the product worthwhile.” 

Martine Balit,

Alumni Relations Officer,

Macquarie University

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