Getting in touch with your Sporting Teams & Parents

has never been simpler or more secure!

WoofSMS provides multiple Functionality

including Team Echo - a unique Secure System for Communicating with your Teams, Parents and Volunteers

Team Echo - our point of difference

With Team Echo, you provide Administrator Access for those who are allowed to view and update your data, and Limited Access for those who you want to be able to communicate with your people through the system, but not access the data.


Team Echo provides excellent security for your organisation, while enabling anyone with your permission to send just one text into the system from anywhere, and for that text to be automatically texted on to all members of the designated group.

Scenario:  Coach James has Limited Access with permission to contact the Grade 12 Rugby  Team members and their parents ONLY by texting into Team Echo. He does not have access to their contact information, but the code 10R has been created for the team members, and 10RP for the parents.

At the playing field, Coach James discovers an issue that means team members and parents will need to use a different field entrance. He texts his message into Team Echo using the codes 12R and 12RP at the beginning of each message.

Team Echo identifies the sender, and by the code at the beginning of each text, identifies which team and parents to automatically forward the message to.

All Grade 12 Rugby Team members receive the text.

All Parents of the Grade 12 

Team receive the text.

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