With an open rate of 

98% to 99% within 3 minutes 

how can you afford NOT to use SMS in your mix?

Our Text Messaging System makes it Easy to include SMS in your Marketing & Customer Service Campaigns

  • Create and track SMS Marketing Campaigns - super easy to just shoot a quick text out with a VIP deal

  • Create and track Customer Engagement Campaigns - take your customers on a journey by including links to online destinations showing current fashion trends or vital product information

  • Grow your Database with automated Opt-In Campaigns - use a text-in number on your website, Facebook page, in your ads, and on your blackboards - wherever your customers hang out

  • Personalise your Customer Service - have your customers text-in to register for specific Product or Service Updates - they'll love that personal touch of only getting information about what they're interested in

  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win, so why not look after your existing customers or engage with your potential customers

  • Send Job Details to On-the-Road Delivery People or Field Workers

  • Automate regular repeated messages eg warranty expiry


"....we held a massive EOFYS for our footwear. Using the SMS program we sent out 7152 text messages to our client database.


We were overwhelmed with the response from our current and past patients. We had people coming in that hadn't been to us for some time, but returned due to receiving the SMS.


Overall we increased our footwear sales by about 30% for that month!!

MHilary McMillan

All Podiatry & the ShoeCo

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