We provide Effective,

Secure Communication

with your Members

With our user-friendly SMS software, it's quick and easy to:

  • Upload existing Team and Group data or add contacts one-by-one

  • Provide Administrator Access for those with permission to view and update data

  • Provide Limited access for those with permission to contact your database without viewing data

  • Multiple options for handling replies

  • Create and track SMS Notifications and Reminders - send immediately or delay for later transmission

  • Automate regular repeated messages eg registration, training sessions

  • Create and track Member Engagement Campaigns - keep your members engaged with events and happenings - include a live link to website, Facebook page and any other relevant destination

  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win - include your sponsors when you feature competitions anywhere your members hang out

  • Sponsor Opportunities - offer sponsors the option to underpin the cost of the system in return for specific SMS member engagement opportunities


"WoofSMS has been a big part of my business.  I use it to help team captains know who did not sign in for the night. And this helps me recover payments for the game.


It is very simple and easy to use with a dummy-proof platform."

Riwhi Puru

Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports

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