Make sure your Clients ALWAYS turn up on Time!

Our System makes it Easy to use

Text Messaging for your Marketing

& Customer Service Campaigns

SMS Open Rate:

98% to 99%

within 3 mins

With our user-friendly SMS software, it's quick and easy to:

  • Create and track Appointment Reminders - send immediately or delay for later delivery
  • Create and track SMS Marketing Campaigns - super easy to just shoot a quick text out with a special offer or deal
  • Create and track Customer Engagement Campaigns - keep your customers engaged with events and happenings - include a link to vary the experience
  • Grow your Database with automated Opt-In Campaigns - use a text-in number on your website, Facebook page, in your ads, on your blackboards and bathroom mirrors - your customers will love getting regular updates with what's going on and VIP deals via SMS
  • Personalise your Customer Service by offering the option to text-in to register for specific Product or Service Updates - they'll love that personal touch of only getting information about what they're interested in
  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win - feature competitions anywhere your customers hang out
  • Automate regular repeated messages eg regular beauty services


"...Glad that the system really is as easy to use as we'd been led to believe!"

Barry Devlin, CEO &

Co-Founder, Wedding Cloud

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