Car Batteries or Cleaning Services, we'll streamline your Job Management Process

Whether you're selling Car Batteries or  Cleaning services, Job Sender streamlines Job Management and our simple Text Messaging options make it easy to use SMS for ongoing Customer Service and Marketing

If you have Field Workers, Job Sender makes quick and easy to:

  • Customise Job Information fields to suit your business

  • Populate Job and Customer Information

  • Send Job Details to Field Workers

  • Receive confirmation from Field Workers of their time frame

  • Confirm Job delivery with with Customers

  • Create and track all Job-related Communication

Once the Job's done:

  • Create and track SMS Marketing Campaigns - super easy to just shoot a quick text out with a special offer or deal

  • Create and track Customer Engagement Campaigns - keep your customers engaged with events and happenings - include a link to vary the experience

  • Automate regular repeated messages eg services, warranties

  • Personalise your Customer Service by offering the option to text-in to register for specific Product or Service Updates - they'll love that personal touch of only getting information about what they're interested in

  • Grow your Database with automated Opt-In Campaigns - use a text-in number on your website, Facebook page, in your ads - your customers will love getting regular updates or VIP deals via SMS

  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win - feature competitions anywhere your customers hang out


"We had experienced difficulties with another SMS service provider and were very disappointed with their response – basically they told us to go away!


From the outset, Anne-Louise assured us that she and her team would look after us, no matter how big or small our business was. We have not been disappointed.

Text messaging is a key component in our customer service delivery, and WoofSMS has proven quick and easy to use, reliable, and our customers love it. We would not hesitate to recommend that you contact Anne-Louise, and give text messaging a try!"

Gavin & Annette Beech

Poolside Cairns

Talk to us about getting WoofSMS into your Business Now!

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