January 4, 2018

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Clever SMS Marketing Campaigns

February 27, 2018

Into Travel?

Send your clients on a 360 degree tour of one of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world.

(click on the image for a demo)




Into Fashion?

Send your clients to New York's Fashion Week

for a glimpse of next season's gorgeous range.

(click on the image for a demo)





Into Motorcycles?

Send your customers to the US Grand Prix.

(click on the image for a demo)






Into Mattresses?

Send your customers the how to and why or spinning your mattress

(click on the image for a demo)



Whatever you're into, why not think about sending your customers on a voyage of discovery?


Maybe that means a fabulous travel or retail experience, or maybe it's finance that rings your customer's bell.


Whatever your business, consider the fact that you, as the specialist, inevitably have valuable information to share with your Customers.


Seems obvious I know, but if you haven’t actually considered this fully, you might be surprised where your thoughts go if you give them the chance.


Lots of business people think that by sending an automated newsletter once a month, they are engaging in the best way with their customers.


Given that for every month you are not in contact with your customers on a non-transactional basis, you lose 10% of your influence, there’s no doubt that it’s vital to have regular, valuable contact with our customers!!


The BIG question is what constitutes really great value for your customers?


A while ago, I met with a mattress retailer to talk about our SMS system and where that might fit into their mix. 


What I learned, predictably, was that people purchase a new mattress about every 10 years or so.


The only other opportunities for selling another mattress tended to be when there were changes, eg the addition of a child.


That’s a loooong time between transactions!


The challenge for them was how to engage with their customers beyond the obvious - offering discounts on their products which also included a small range of bed linen and pillows.


What came out of our discussion was a list of potential topics with which to add value to their customers by providing information related to mattresses and all-things sleep.


And that proved to be very broad indeed - mattress maintenance, types of pillows, how to manage neck problems, sleep issues etc etc etc


In doing so, the predictable option of simply sending special offers gave way to MUCH more creative and engaging Customer Engagement campaign ideas.


Where could you go with your business???


If you’d like to spend 15 minutes with me chatting about how WoofSMS can enhance your Customer Engagement, email me at anne-louise@woofsms.com.au and let’s make a time!

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