January 4, 2018

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Targetted Texting Templates


Creating effective text messaging templates will save you time and money, and will take your level of personalised communication to new levels!


So what is a text-messaging template anyway?


We all know what templates are – basically, they stop you from having to reinvent the wheel.  If you’re doing a repetitive task of any description - whether it’s cutting scones, creating automotive parts or computer components, the secret to success is getting the details right first, and then replicating them.


It’s the same with text messaging. 


If you’re going to use the same message repeatedly, then it makes sense to save it as a template so that you can easily use it again.


The other really cool thing that templates make it easy to do, is to create a text message with “merge fields” included so that for each person you send a text message to, their own particular details are included.


If you don’t know what I mean by merge fields, don’t worry, it will become clearer as you read further.


You’ve probably received a reminder of some sort from your dentist, car mechanic or physio, and if the person in charge knows what they are doing, then they will have created a template that enables the system to automatically include your first name, and the details of your appointment – time, date, and perhaps the name of the practitioner.


It is the “merge field” that allows the system to pluck the particular details for each person, and automatically drop that into a final text message that goes through.


For example, the template that’s set up might look like this:

WoofSMS here, hello <firstname>. Don’t forget our support call on <date> at <time>. Please text Y to confirm, or N and we’ll call you to reschedule.


The merge fields are whatever is contained between < and > for each person.

But what most businesses haven’t realised yet is that you can include all sorts of OTHER information in a text message using the same simple method.


Let me give you a few examples.


If you’re running events, you might have three different groups of people that you need to communicate effectively with – staff, volunteers, and attendees. 


By including automated merge fields in your text messages, you can include all kinds of information that’s particular to each group.


For staff you might need to include start times, locations and run times, so their messages would include these merge fields.


For teams, it might be team leaders, start times and locations, so their messages would include these merge fields.


For customers, it might be event, time, location and cost, so their messages could include these merge fields.


Think about this from your perspective in your business – what job can text messages do to save you time, money and frustration???


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For a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss how text messaging can blow your ROI out of the water and improve your Customer Engagement email me anne-louise@woofsms.com.au

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