January 4, 2018

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SMS Marketing Increases Engagement


Business and Entrepreneurship author and speaker, Barry Moltz, says that for every month we are not in contact with our customers on a non-transactional basis, we lose 10% of our influence. 


These days, being good at what we do and providing good customer service just gives us a seat at the table. It is not the primary reason our customers leave, which is contrary to the view of many business owners.


The primary reason that customers leave - at a whopping 68% - is that they don’t feel valued and/or perceived indifference on the part of the business.


Engaging with your customers is not just desirable, it is vital. Being a bit creative about how you engage will stand you in very good stead.


I had an interesting meeting with a mattress retailer recently to chat about using text messaging in their business for both marketing and customer service and engagement.


People generally only buy a mattress every 10 years or so, and one of their primary challenges has been how to engage with their customers beyond any kind of transactional basis – special offers and so on.


During the course of that conversation, what came to me was that the secret lay not in mattresses, but in all sorts of things to do with mattresses.


This line of thinking exposed a whole range of opportunities for providing genuinely valuable information to their customers. We wound up having a fabulous brain storming session around anything and everything that relates to mattresses – how to turn your mattress, neck health, different types of pillows, back health, managing back pain and problems sleeping to name just a few.


How would it roll out?


Every 6 - 8 weeks, a text message with an inviting piece of information followed by a link to the designated destination - link to a video from a chiropractor on back pain, link to footage of how to turn a mattress, link to an article about neck health, link to the retailer’s website featuring a special on therapeutic pillows.


Still on the customer engagement trail, I spoke with another young mortgage broker client about how he might use text messaging to positively engage with his customers and others in his small but growing network of contacts.


Again, I suggested we look beyond the usual types of reasons for contacting clients – changes in the Reserve Bank Rates (yawn) and real estate median prices in your suburb (ho hum).


Instead we focussed on the fact that as a professional, he regularly reads information not commonly consumed by your average home-owner, and periodically receives information that either gets buried in the fine print, or doesn’t actually make the public arena – and this opens up a huge range of interesting topics!


This young man wasn’t comfortable writing, but in reality, his only job was to find the kernel of information to engage his audience, and then on his landing page, use the first paragraph directly from the article – easy peasy!


How would it roll out?


Every 4 – 6 weeks, text messages featuring content specifically targetted for home-owners or investors, with an engaging line about the particular article or information.


The text message would bring people to his website by including a link to a landing page featuring an introductory paragraph, and then finally, the link to the actual article or clip itself.


The secret to the successful use of text messaging for your customer engagement lies in the quality of the information, the value for the recipient and the frequency of the delivery.


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For a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss how text messaging can blow your ROI out of the water and improve your Customer Engagement email me anne-louise@woofsms.com.au


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