SMS Marketing for Single-Site or Multi-Site Allied Health Practices

NEVER arrive to find the owner's not at home!

Our stand alone system makes it quick and easy to use Text Messaging in your business, and your customers will thank you for the service!

  • Create and track Appointment Reminders - send immediately or delay for later delivery

  • Create and track SMS Marketing Campaigns - super easy to just shoot a quick text out with a special offer or deal

  • Send Job Details to On-the-Road Technicians or Delivery People

  • Automate regular repeated messages eg services, warranties

  • Create and track Customer Engagement Campaigns - keep your customers engaged with valuable information - include a link to vary the experience

  • Run a Text-In Competition - everyone loves to win - partner with other local businesses and feature competitions anywhere your customers hang out


We have used Almani Texting service for some time now and find it invaluable for quick contact with our service people on site and contact with our door installers/managers all staff that are mobile – so much quicker than trying to ring and get message bank then them having to ring back etc

Such a time saver and the answer comes straight back to your computer.

Raesa Fallows,

Garage Door Industries

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