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Personalised Individual or Bulk 2-Way Text Messaging

Send text messages to your database (Outbound) and receive replies (Inbound) for the same per message cost.

  • Quick and easy to create multiple groups

  • Store contacts or just upload for each send

  • Upload existing data or add contacts one-by-one

  • Create multiple message templates

  • Automatically personalise messages

  • Send messages immediately or delay for automatic delivery later

  • Track Outbound messages

  • Track Inbound replies

  • Integrated SPAM Management

  • Direct access to AccountRight and AccountRight Live from desktop application


  • Outbound Marketing Campaigns to Existing Database

  • Appointment Reminders & Notifications

  • Customer Engagement Campaigns including direct links to online destinations eg website, live footage

  • Mass Reminders

  • Staff and Contractor Communication

  • Student or Member Communication

SMS an extremely cost-effective, highly targetted option for your business for Marketing, Lead Generation and Customer Service.

SMS Automation means you can schedule a fully-personalised text message for immediate or later delivery, or send mass text messages with the click of a button, straight from your computer. Schedule a text message and have it in your Customer’s hands immediately, or lead your customers on a journey of discovery with direct links to fabulous experiences and information. SMS as an Alert System is second to none! With open rates in Australia of 98% to 99% within 3 minutes, a highly personalised, automated text message can be scheduled for delivery to your Customers, Patients or Members reminding them to do their push ups, take their medication, or that a payment is overdue. If it’s bulk SMS sender Software you need, look no further that our quick & easy Bulk SMS Service based in Australia and using only Australian gateways for delivery reliability.


Automated SMS Appointment Reminder System

Send text message Appointment Reminders

  • Quick and easy to create multiple groups

  • Upload existing data or add contacts one-by-one

  • Create templates to automatically personalise appointment reminder messages

  • Send reminders immediately or delay for automatic delivery later

  • Track Outbound appointment reminder messages

  • Track Inbound customer replies

  • Integrated SPAM Management

  • Direct access to AccountRight and AccountRight Live from desktop application


  • Customer Appointment Reminders & Notifications

  • Staff and Contractor Reminders & Notifications

  • Student or Parent Reminders & Notifications

  • Volunteer or Member Reminders & Notifications

Schedule and Automate Mass Text Messages from your Computer

For mass distribution using a bulk SMS service, WoofSMS is a user-friendly Australia-based bulk SMS sender software that provides the capacity to upload your data and use it for just that send, or to store your contact information for future use. SMS Automation enables you to schedule and send mass text messages from your computer immediately, or you can schedule text messages for automatic delivery at a later time. For some business owners, bulk text messaging represents the ultimate in non-personalised marketing. We don’t agree. If you need to send bulk SMS but as the sender, want software that allows you to tailor your messages by personalising them as per your recipients, WoofSMS has you covered.


SMS Auto Scheduler

Just like an automated bank account payment, schedule regular repeated text messages - daily, weekly, monthly or customise to suit eg School or University term

  • Quick and easy to create schedules for one individual or for groups

  • Schedule deliveries for a specified period of time, no of deliveries, or unlimited period

  • View, update or cancel schedules at any time


  • Exercise, Service or Medication reminders 

  • Motivational messages

  • Document update reminder eg passport

  • Compliance

SMS provides extraordinary opportunities for your business in the delivery of your customer service

Auto Scheduler provides the capacity to schedule a text message with the same information, and have it delivered automatically every day, every week, every month, every year, or you can customise the schedule to suit your particular needs. This automated text message component makes it quick and easy to create and track multiple schedules for groups or individuals, and can automatically personalise your recipient's message. SMS as an Alert system is second to none. With an open rate of 98% to 99% within 3 minutes, an automated text message using Auto Scheduler will ensure your clients get an exercise reminder every day, your patients’ medication reminders are delivered, and your client payment reminders are sent in time.


Job Sender

Highly effective Communication between Call Centre, Field Workers and Customers

  • Quick & easy to Upload Field Worker List

  • Tailor Job Information fields for your particular needs

  • Create message templates that automatically include Job Information

  • Quick & Easy Populate Job Information

  • Include direct link to google map to provide directions for your Field Workers

  • Automatically retain Job and Customer Information for subsequent follow up


  • Mobile Product and Service Deliverers - e.g. Mobile Mechanics, Battery Services

  • On-Site Installation Services eg Glass, Solar Panels

  • Event Hire

SMS as an Alert System is Second to None

If you operate a busy Call Centre and have people out on the road or in the field delivering your product or services, WoofSMS Job Sender is for you! Through the power of SMS automation, WoofSMS enables your Call Centre staff to input job information fast, text job information to field workers, receive field worker job confirmation and text customers with updates immediately, and automatically track every communication – all through one simple interface. Your customer and job information is automatically stored - available at the click of a button, ready for subsequent customer service follow up and for ongoing SMS marketing campaigns. Use our bulk text messaging system for large sends, or create an automated personalised text message campaigns for personalised individual service.


Auto SMS Responder

Have your Customers text-in to Register for your Product or Service Updates, or to Enter a Competition

  • Create multiple SMS Opt-In Campaigns

  • Auto SMS Responder campaigns can run on all promotional vehicles - website, FB page, posters, blackboards, newspaper and TV advertising etc

  • Incoming Responses automatically gathered into relevant Opt-In Campaign list for subsequent follow-up

  • Customers provide Express Permission to contact them


  • Text-In Competitions

  • Text-In to Register for Product or Service Updates eg Weekly specials, new products, last minute deals

  • Text-In to Register for Information eg Weekly Trivia Question

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Auto Responder


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Our Auto SMS Responder System delivers Qualified Leads in your hands for Pennies not Thousands

IIf you've texted in for a Live Demo, then you know what Auto SMS Responder can do. It’s clever but simple, and enables potential and existing customers to provide you with Express Permission to contact them. When requests are texted in, the automatic text message sender part of the system, automatically generates and sends your response immediately. What you get, is the mobile number and any other information you have requested dropped immediately into your Contact List. Multiple Auto SMS Responder Campaigns can be run on any marketing platform using different keywords, making it easy for you to send the right information to the right people. Once they’re in your database, you can harness the power of SMS in your business for the delivery of superior personalised customer service.


Team Echo

Highly effective Team and Group communication with unique security capability

  • Quick & Easy to upload existing Team or Group data

  • Administrator Access for those with permission to view and update data

  • Limited access for those with permission to send texts into the system to be identified and automatically forwarded to all members of the relevant team or group

  • Multiple options for handling replies

  • Track & Save all communications


  • Sporting Teams

  • Leisure Groups

  • Work Teams

  • Events & Conferences

Effective team and group communication can be a challenge whether you’re a business with project teams, running a conference with attendees, or managing sporting teams and volunteers. Team Echo does the obvious - you can set up multiple groups, and since it’s part of an automatic text message sender system you can create message templates to personalise regularly used messages, and you can use the system as a mass SMS sender. You can schedule a text message for immediate or automatic delivery later, and SMS as an alert system is hard to beat with open rates of 98% to 99% within 3 minutes.

Our point of difference is this. 


With Team Echo, you provide Administrator Access for those who are allowed to view and update your data, and Limited Access for those who you want to be able to communicate with your people through the system, but not access the data. Team Echo provides excellent security for your organisation, while enabling anyone with your permission to send just one text into the system from anywhere, and for that text to be automatically texted on to all members of the designated group.

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