We've proven you will

Reduce your No-Shows

by up to 100%

SMS Appointment Reminder Systems 

are proven to reduce your No-Shows

by up to 100%

Using an Online System for your Text Message Appointment Reminders streamlines your Processes

and allows for Efficient Appointment Rescheduling

Automate your SMS Appointment Reminder System - it will save you Time and Money

For any kind of meeting, whether it's in or out of the office, an automated SMS Appointment Reminder System will prove itself time and again as a highly efficient, cost-effective communication tool for your business.

And just in case you're wondering, there is no doubt that your customers will see clientele appointment reminders as a great addition to your customer service.

“SMS is a time-saving and cost-effective service which is a true asset to our physiotherapy practice. 
We confirm all appointments in a matter of seconds – a job that used to take us hours.
Our patients regularly acknowledge the service as it provides not only a reminder of their appointment but a reference point for them to check their time, when needed.  
As a busy practice, we are constantly using the service to communicate with our staff and consultants. It is less obtrusive than a phone call and more immediate than email.  
I recommend SMS to any business which values efficiency and friendly technology.”
Janine Wallis, Menai District Physiotherapy

Your clients will value an SMS Appointment Reminder

Users of WoofSMS regularly tell us that they, and their clients, value our SMS (Short Message Service) appointment reminder Service, stating: 


"...text message appointment reminders are less obtrusive than a phone call, more immediate than email, and the information stays on the phone ready for reference at any later time..."

And as a mechanism for reminders and notifications for your Staff, Contractors, Members, Students, Parents and Volunteers, text message Appointment Reminders are worth their weight in gold!

Irrespective of your Industry or Sector, with our automated  appointment reminder system, it’s quick and easy to:

  • Schedule SMS appointment reminders for immediate or later delivery

  • Schedule automated delivery of regular repeated messages

  • Receive replies from your clients

  • Track and export message sent messages & replies lists

  • Create text message templates to enable automatically personalised clientele appointment reminders

  • Create multiple groups, or use our broad filter options to isolate contacts

  • Upload existing data or populate contacts one-by-one

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